Our Sourcing

Our Clients :

We cover a large spectrum in the area of our clients and our diversified areas cover the following fields providing the results with core satisfaction.

  • Estate consultants, Construction, Land Developers, Land & Building Dealer, Landlords.
  • Diamond Trading & Manufacturers, Diamond-Exporters.
  • Traders in Share Markets.
  • Marble & Granite Dealers & Suppliers.
  • Machinery Manufacturer & Suppliers.
  • Chemical Manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer of Dairy Products.
  • Brokers- Share brokers, estate brokers.
  • Advertisement Agencies.
  • Paper mills.
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers.
  • Fabricators.
  • Jewellery Industry ( retail stores and manufacturing units).
  • Textiles factory, Textiles-Business.
  • Hospitals.
  • Professionals- Advocates, Doctors, Consultants etc.
  • Dyeing Houses.
  • Retail Outlets- dairy, bicycle shop etc.
  • A lot more………

Services :

Accounting Income Tax Service Tax Audit Business Pro